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If we had Dutch-style intersections, we’d ride our bikes everywhere, too

Urban planner Nick Falbo wants U.S. engineers to borrow a trick from the Dutch: Keep the bike lanes on the curb side of parked cars, and then add an island in front of the parking lane in the intersection so that turning cars are forced to give cyclists a little more space.

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Today is the fifth anniversary of my employment at Panic Inc., Portland’s little big software company. Five years ago, after a very informal lunchtime interview, I joined the team as a designer. On my first day, I designed the above icon, meant to be used in the menu bar.

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Lumigon’s T2 Android smartphone offers good looks, built-in infrared remote

Actually sounds and looks decent.

Lumigon’s T2 Android smartphone offers good looks, built-in infrared
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[image: lumigon t2 keys]

Danish mobile phone company Lumigon is announcing its new T2 Android 4.0
handset — the sequel to 2010’s T1. Like that device, the T2 is aiming for
the high end, with classy material choices like Gorilla Glass and stainless
steel, and a Bang & Olufsen MS3 sound chip. The device is launching with
Android 4.0 and has a 3.8-inch “high resolution” display, a 1.4GHz
Snapdragon processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. The T2 also features the
same universal infrared remote functionality as the T1 — point your remotes
at the phone and tell it what commands you’re entering and the T2 will let
you control your other electronics. The device also features a dedicated
camera button and a programmable “activity button” that can be used to
launch a…

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eMusic buys for September 2011
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Jason Osgood:

My theory is that Apple stays mum because any particular plan isn’t concrete until the trigger is pulled. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver.

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